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For the launch of our new ‘COLLECTIVE SOULS’ Journal, we introduce to you, model mama ANNA FELLER. 


By pure chance, we stumbled upon this woman via insta, before Yoli was even born. Without really knowing her, we knew she was somethin’ special. Following her journey transcending through the many hurdles of motherhood and so artlessly finding love in everything that sends her into the wind. 


She captures and inhales every moment with her gentle little light, Banjo and every minute spent with these two was both inspiring and insightful. The kindness flows and the conversation is kept playful and grounded at the same time. That balance we all strive for when engaging with our children, it’s a fine line but Anna knows the road after her very blessed childhood in the wilderness of her mothers leafy sphere. 


Those roots led her on the path of holistic parenting, which has now become her second baby, A creative source of information surrounding natural, raw and real parenting in every sense, but we especially love the light filled kitchen creations.

What requires effort for most, comes ever so organically to Anna, meals made from the garden, with love by both her and Banjo making memories in her much adored kitchen, perched over her place of solace, the ocean.

Watching their world melts us, the pure love, the abundance of yummy food, the mindful nature of the two, and an obvious one.. those indelible smiles. 




Anna Feller, 30 & Banjo Love Antony, 3 


Model & founder of Wilder



1. What do you see in Banjo that reminds you of yourself?

 Banjo is very caring, loving & social. He also has a wild imagination...

I feel that I have contributed to his persona in those areas. Aswell as being confident and secure in himself.  We also look very much alike so I see myself physically and emotionally every time I look at him. How lucky is that!


2. Parenting wisdom your mama once shared which now resonates with you wholeheartedly?

My mother raised us in nature and was very imaginative in our play time also she spent a lot of time making sure we ate a well balanced nutrient dense diet. She always treated food as medicine and grew a massive organic garden. She was and is a great mother and passed down copius amounts of wholehearted parenting wisdom and love with me. I feel this has naturally allowed me to become the mother I am.


3. One place in the world you would love for Banjo to experience with you and what makes it so special? 

Italy, the love and care for food and the culture as well as the outstanding country side. I look forward to the day I drive around Italy with Banjo eating pizza under the stars, spending time in museums & running thru Tuscan sunflower fields.


4. A favourite natural remedy for the common cold for you and your family?

Colloidal silver, bone broth and gubinge powder in high doses.


5.  Banjo’s favourite story book?

Each Peach Pear Plum by Janet and Allen Ahlberg


6. Your place of contentment, emotionally, spiritually and physically?

Anywhere by the sea , the ocean always fixes everything.






Anna wears, Ophelia Jumpsuit, Luella Pants, Waldo Apron & Danne Shirt.

Banjo wears, Lourns Top, Aart Trousers, Haru Shorts and Marcel Tee.



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