Posted on April 26 2019

Carter Were & Patience photographed by Harry Were

Styled by Lena Catterick 




What are your hopes for Patience?

To be kind, compassionate and happy. 

A favourite motherhood moment?

Becoming a mama 5 months ago! Holding Patience in my arms after a 26 hour labour, just before the sun came up.



Some thoughts on style, what matters to you when it come to style?

Comfort and feeling good. You have to feel good in what you are wearing!



Can you tell us a little about your transition into motherhood?

Motherhood has been such a huge transition. I don't think anyone can ever explain what it is like, until you become one. After being a mama for 5 months now, I feel like I have adjusted, it can be lonely, tiring and relentless at times but also the most joyful, exciting and fulfilling thing at the same time. I love being a mama so much and want lots more children, but I have a busy brain so I like to be working on other things at the same time as being a mum. 



What is your background and have you always lived in Australia?

I'm from New Zealand but I first moved to Australia when I was 19. I stayed for about 3 and a half years in Sydney, then went back to NZ. I opened a shop there and had it for a few years. I shared the space with my friend, Sophie, who is a florist. But she has just moved back to Australia now too and is about to have a baby as well! I have been living in the Byron area for over a year now, but I do miss NZ.


Carter wears - Fifi Coat, Hanne Short in white weave, Solange Dress in laurel check, Cosette Bucket Hat in lisbon, Beatrice Trouser in oat weave, Jaala Dress in white, Cosette Bucket Hat in martini olive, Berta Blazer and Hanne Shorts both martini olive.

Patience wrapped in the Artisan Blanket in grey, Artisan Blanket in nutmilk, Y&O baby carrier in nutmilk.

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