Posted on January 18 2017


COURTNEY ADAMO - Feat. Ivy, Marlow and … well… we will soon find out, in only a matter of months. By mid march, this captivatingly beautiful, spontaneous and adventurous family of 6, will become a family of 7! Just another reason to adore this lust-for-life tribe and the way in which they follow their hearts, and pursue true happiness, one inspirational chapter at a time. We spent an afternoon with Courtney, both girls and bump, picnicking amongst the macadamia trees at The Farm, in their new place of comfort, Byron Bay. Discussing "life in the slow lane", traveling the world with 4 children, pregnancy and her other ‘baby’, Babyccino Kids. There is so much love to be found through the words of this wonderful woman, as you will soon read, it radiates from her into almost all things; her marriage which shines, her family who glow with joy, and her business that is a continuous and blooming success story. 



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Courtney and her girls, Ivy and Marlow, picnicking at 'The Farm' in Byron Bay. Courtney wears the Y+O Ophelia Suit, which can be found here. Ivy is dressed in our Linnea dress, and Marlow our Marta Apron dress.


Whilst navigating motherhood through work and travel during your yearlong adventure, can you share with us how you've managed to sustain a balanced family-life?

After twelve years of busy life in London where we constantly struggled with the work/family balance, this past year we made the conscious decision to put the focus solely on our family. We have spent every single day of the past year and a half together as a family of six, embracing a slower pace and a more mindful, present state of mind. Sustaining balance this year has actually been relatively easy because we made it our priority. Of course there were challenging moments, especially when it came to homeschooling and travel days, but for the most part we were able to enjoy our time together and achieve a balance that we are very grateful to have found.


Ivy wears here our, Ylva dress.


If you were to consider somewhere your home away from home, where would that be?

Gosh, this is a tricky question, especially after all the wonderful places we’ve grown attached to over the years. The US will always remain my ‘home’. It is where I was raised and it’s where my family lives. We return to my hometown every year and I’m so thankful I get to give my children a piece of my childhood. London is where I have spent all of my adult years and is where all four of my children were born. I think London will always feel like home to my children, especially the older ones who have spent their formative years in that wonderful city. Now, however, after all the travelling we’ve done this year, we are craving a slower pace and a sunnier lifestyle. The kids and Michael have fallen in love with surfing, and we are hoping to settle here in Byron Bay and put down roots in this beautiful part of the world. We will soon welcome a new baby here, and I’m sure that this experience will anchor us even more to Australia.



As a mother of four beautiful children, soon to be five, how has motherhood enriched your life and in what ways do you see maternal growth within yourself through each of them?

I am the eldest of five children, so in many ways I feel like I have always had a very nurturing role in life. For this reason, parenting came very naturally to me, and I have always felt very comfortable in my role as a mother.

But of course I have grown so much in the past 12 years of motherhood and each one of our children has enriched my life in immeasurable ways. It is a joy to watch each of them grow and develop their own, individual personalities. I find it both incredibly rewarding and also quite humbling – to see the ways that our parenting style has shaped them and to also see how they carve their own paths despite our influence and parenting. The whole nature versus nurture debate is a fascinating one, and I think it makes it all even more noticeable when you have several children.



Babyccino has become such a huge success, each of you ladies must be so proud and we can't wait to see what 2017 brings! Can you share with us any goals or dreams you're hoping to achieve on Australian soil in this coming year?

We started Babyccino nine years ago and it has been such a joy to watch it evolve over the years. What started as a simple parenting blog has evolved into a multi-faceted site, representing more than 400 wonderful, independent children’s brands. We now host annual ShopUp events in London, New York and Los Angeles, and are hoping to add Sydney to that list now that I’m here in Australia. I’m also looking forward to discovering and working with more independent Australian brands and being able to give them exposure on an international level.



We can't wait to meet the newest edition to the Adamo familia, What has pregnancy been like this time around? And how has it differed from your eldest four in the way you've approached it?

I never thought I would be pregnant a fifth time, so this pregnancy has been a big bonus. I remember being very conscious of the fact that our fourth baby, Marlow, was our last one. In many ways it made it more difficult to go through each stage thinking she was our last baby and I lamented many ‘lasts’ with her.  In this pregnancy, I don’t have any of those emotional tugs. I have found myself to be very calm and relaxed and just generally very grateful for this experience. I’m excited to give birth one last time and I’m so thankful to be able to give our children one more sibling to love and share their lives with.



And lastly, Byron living is so conducive to surfing, how did the story go of when the family first developed a love for it?

When I first met Michael, we were living in Los Angeles and he would enjoy the occasional morning surf before work. We moved to London together very shortly after meeting each other, and Michael’s surfing days became a thing of the past. He then went 12 years without getting on a surfboard.

Last year, at the start of our big travels, we decided to give the kids surfing lessons while we were in Trancoso, Brazil. From that first lesson, we were hooked. Weeks later we bought some foam boards and spent the next couple months surfing in Uruguay and Chile. From there, we flew to New Zealand where we travelled around the country in a campervan seeking out the best surf beaches up and down the coasts of both islands. Michael and Easton bought new surfboards in NZ, and the rest is pretty much history. We are now a family of surfers – even Marlow likes to get up on the board and ride the smaller waves into the shore!


Courtney here, wears our Laurent Romper in cream stripe.

Marlow redresses, and can be seen in our Ylva Dress, she wears the blue & white stripe.



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