Posted on October 25 2016


YOLI & OTIS, Women's and children's wear + Herbal Dyed Organic
Baby Carriers and accessories. 
THE FOCUS, Simple, Elegant and Effective. Organic, eco-friendly.
To embrace the environment and wellbeing. 
Made with Love in India & Bali


The process of herbal dyeing was developed through extensive research on age-old dyeing methods practiced since the days of the Indus Valley civilisation. Ayuvastra dyeing is famous for eco-friendly herbs being integrated in a fabric. 
In this process, natural textiles are dyed with herbs like Turmeric, Henna, Aloe vera and Indigo. In the whole process, 
no chemicals are used; the textiles are 100% safe and 100% chemical free.
To make the colors bright and fast, only natural mordants such as myrobalan, rhubarb leaves, oils, minerals, alum, iron vat are used. We do not use heavy metal mordants like copper, chrome, zinc or tin. Due to the nature of the natural herbal dye in some instances, the lack of chemicals can result in small colour runs, or fading in areas where
the natural mordant may not have taken to the fabric 100%.

By embracing this process rather than sacrificing it for a superficially perfect product, together we are making a difference to our environment, and our children's wellbeing.  For the above reasons we advise you to use environmentally friendly detergents when washing our items, and keep them clear of harsh chemicals/detergents as they will remove colourfastness.


Our textiles for carriers and accessories are ORGANIC and grown with plants free of pesticides or genetic modification protecting the environment, our farmers and your children. Our clothing is all 100% cotton.

Our packaging is made from RECYCLED product, which uses less energy and water. By using recycled product, we are also reducing landfill which creates 
methane gas and other nasty air pollutants. 

 The standard chemical dyeing process uses over 8000 different chemicals in its various stages. Millions of children in the US receive up to 35% of their estimated lifetime dose of some carcinogenic pesticides by age five through food, contaminated drinking water, household use, and pesticide drift.

Not so at Yoli and Otis. We dye our carrier and accessory fabrics using only plants & herbs, renowned for their medicinal values. All waste water and solids are then recycled back into the production process.

Shop our collection of Herbal Dyed Baby Carriers & Accessories here 

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