Posted on May 18 2017

The moment I met Yvonn 2 years ago at the Newrybar Harvest herb garden, I instantly felt compelled to know more about her. Comforted by her glowing aura, her connection with nature and adventurous children, reminding me of a childhood I once knew. Yvonn created a life here 10 years ago. It was during her travels that she met her now husband, at the post shop in Byron Bay. They fell madly in love and the rest is history. A week ago we visited Yvonn in her spectacular architecturally designed cedar cladded home, on the hills of Byron overlooking the ocean, and Byrons iconic Lighthouse. It's there, on their two acres of pure serenity, where she's created the magic. Three beautiful, deeply earthed children, Matilda, Frida and Léon. They spend their days chasing the chickens, collecting eggs, harvesting vegetables and picking herbs from the calm and equable herb garden, positioned so thoughtfully in the warm afternoon sun. The children roam free through the paddocks, climbing trees and every so often an echo, calling 'come find me' presents itself. Occasionally we catch glimpses of the girls running toward their 'secret spot', perched at top of the stairs outside, on the roof terrace. Smells of fresh herbs and buckwheat coconut cake disperse through the air, which shortly after the girls are called to decorate with rich coloured nasturtiums, dandelions and raspberries. As we hugged goodbye, and slowly drove away, we notice Matilda prancing alongside us down the dirt road waving with all her might, finally stopping at the gate before whaling "see you again". XX 

Moments captured by Madeline Johnson.


Describe for us the perfect Mother's day morning...

Sleeping in until 6:30am, being brought a hot cup of tea (that I manage to drink while it's still warm!) and being amongst the wriggling, wrestling and loud giggling of my 3 children, all still in bed. 

A favourite moment throughout your motherhood journey so far?
The overwhelmingly beautiful, empowering, feeling of giving birth. And all the tiny glimpses you see of the future people your children will one day become, as well as sensing their individual strengths and passions.
Watching the way the oldest will often learn from the youngest is also one of my favourite things, there can be so much beauty in the calm and ordinary moments. 

We know you're from Germany, where abouts and what were some Mother's day traditions growing up in your family?
I was born in East Germany where shops were constantly empty. Our Family did not own a phone, or a car. Celebrations evolved around being together, making, creating and cooking. 
My Mum would always get a poem in my best handwriting, a drawing, stolen flowers from the neighbours garden, and we would bake a cake together to take to grandma in the afternoon.
I will always remember the way the grown ups would sit together over coffee and cake, for hours, moving on to homemade schnapps and dinner.  
Styling & Photography MADELINE JOHNSON


Leon wears Otto romper


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